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CEO - Michael Evingham - Solar Pool Pump Sales Pitch

atural Current – Take Your Pool and Pond Pump OFF THE GRID!


Introducing – SunRay Solar-Powered Pool Pump Systems from Natural Current


We are calling on all pool builders, technicians, store owners, distributors, all prospective pool owners, above-ground or inground pool owners, and along with all climate-caring citizens! This is an announcement and education you won’t want to miss. The revolution is here.


A swimming pool can make a good house great and a great house even better, cultivating memories that will last you a lifetime. 


They bring leisure, fun, and joy.

However, the “typical” way of powering pools is costing homeowners and our planet. In fact, we found that many homeowners regretted getting a pool in the first place as the sky-high power bill simply didn’t justify the frequency of use.

Simply powering and circulating their pools in order to provide healthy, safe water is costing an average of $100 per month in energy costs. $100 per month just to operate and maintain healthy water. That’s $1200 per year. Putting it this way - if you and your family enjoy the pool once a week, that’s $23 every time you want to use the pool. That just from powering the filter pump.

Let me ask you this - what could you do with an extra $1200-$1500? Save it for your kid’s education? Pay rent? Spend in your community? Go on vacation?


With energy costs soaring, inflation on the rise, and the cost of well… everything is skyrocketing, Americans are feeling the pain in their pocket. In today’s economy, every dollar saved adds up.


And wallets are not the only places that are feeling the pressure. The energy required to power the around 14 million swimming pools in America costs about $10 billion/year. But it’s not just price. This power plant output involves around 100 million tons of annual CO2 emissions - equivalent to about 20 million cars on the road per year. Also, from the production of that energy and getting it to pool pump location needed uses about 1.3 trillion gallons of water, which is around 10 times the volume of the water all the swimming pools in our Country of the USA! Every year!

Now where could $10 billion get us as a company if it was invested in local economies? How could we improve our sustainability efforts by cutting back on 100 million tons of CO2 from just one industry?


There’s only one group of people who benefit from the scenario above and that’s the executives at the power companies. It’s not the planet, and it’s not American homeowners.


Let’s end this once and for all. Natural Current is honored to introduce you to the SunRay Hybrid Solar Powered Swimming Pool Pump System. It's the first and only dedicated Sun Powered and Utility grid-powered (Hybrid) pool pump available in the World today, made in the USA!

It's the first pool pump that will filter and circulate your pool water all day long for FREE (even on cloudy days) year-round! And since it's a Hybrid pump, you can keep it on at night!

This, my friends, is the future and I’m going to show you exactly why that’s 100% NOT an exaggeration.


The Natural Current - SunRay Hybrid Solar Powered Swimming Pool Pump System is, quite literally, the easiest way to make the biggest impact. This revolutionary off-the-grid pump runs right off the power of the sun, helping you ditch your reliance on power companies and soak in all the unlimited rays that our beautiful star has to offer. The best part is you can safely and frequently circulate and power your pool without another company acting as the middleman ever again.


In the words of one of our customers, the Natural Current pump “simply makes sense.” With an average ROI of two years and a 30% tax credit, this pump pays for itself quickly, and you will NEVER have to worry about paying to pump your pool ever again.


Just look at Jen and Brad!


Living in SoCal, they use their pool every day of the year. It's one of the reasons they know they will never move anywhere else. Yet, the energy bill had become a point of stress for them. Every month, like clockwork, they were paying $200 for that pool pump – which seemed (and is) excessive. When they realized all of the things they could do with $2,400 in a year, they went looking for something better, and found it with our SunRay Hybrid Solar Powered Swimming Pool Pump System.


When we ask our customers about their experience with Natural Current, they say things like “there’s no reason not to do this.” One pool owner even said, “it made me appreciate my pool more.” The thing is, once you go off the grid, there’s simply no reason to go back. Now, you can pay yourself more instead of paying the power companies.


Meet our CEO – Michael Evingham and Natural Current

As owner and operator of Natural Current with over 35 years of innovation industry experience and multiple awards for his own inventions, Michael knows what he’s doing and has a great time doing it! With a background in hard and soft product engineering, computer programming, and decades of owning a successful pool technical business, he saw a need for a more efficient and cost-effective way to process and sanitize water and got to work. He has poured his heart and soul into this company with a fierce dedication to innovation and a passion for more sustainable practices.


The story of Natural Current is the story of the individual. We want to empower you to take back your autonomy, to save real money, and to feel like a valuable participant in the fight against climate change.


By joining our community, buying a SunRay solar powered pump and support, you’re not just supporting Natural Current. You’re supporting yourself, the health of your family, the longevity of your hard-earned dollars, and this beautiful planet that brings us so much life.


Understanding Solar Pool Power through Natural Current

The process to transform your swimming pool pump is much easier than you probably assume. To start, all you need to do is lay out solar panels somewhere on your property. You then wire the solar panels into the breaker switch and then right into the solar pool pump, lastly plumb in the pool pump by itself or as a hybrid AC/DC system.


That's it. You are then tapping into nature’s energy to keep your pool pump functional and your pool glistening like crystal.


There are even 30% federal tax credits available to those who use our SunRay solar powered pool pump system. This is a cost-saving method with an incredible ROI, saving you money the very first day, getting all your investment back within around two years.


And if you have solar panels on your roof already, get ready to zero out your bill if it isn’t already, and remove one of the largest Utility power loads on your utility now.


Our SunRay solar pumps will give you about 60 miles of free driving every day in your electric cars, just by removing their exiting AC powered pool pump power load and running our SunRay solar pump. It's literally like removing one of your air conditioning units on your house that you run every day.


Here's How it Works!


During the day, you tap into the all-natural circulatory advantage of the sun, while avoiding the absurd utility-billed AC variable speed pool pumps that have become so common. Instead of just catching up with the bacteria that grew during the day, you can stop wasting energy, stop wasting chemicals, and stop turning your pool into a hazard.


Our SunRay solar-powered pool delivers everything your traditional pool pump hasn't: free high RPMs and GPM flowrates from the sun, with zero energy “utility power” usage, meaning that you pay nothing on your power bill and emit no emissions whatsoever.

Starting with the Suns ray of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light wavelengths, the photovoltaic (PV) solar panels absorb these rays from sunrise to sunset. During this 12-hour period, this energy is sent from the PV solar panels to the Natural Current DC motor to power and move the SunRay pump system. This SunRay pump system is truly variable speed and works naturally in the same way the other variable speed pump work but is powered by the Sun. Starting slowly in the morning, running a close to maximum GPM for 6 - 9 hours per day, and then slows down as the sun goes down.


SunRay Solar-powered pool pump systems from Natural Current also make practically zero noise, require no batteries, and emit no pollutants from power plants. These are dependable pump devices, capable of lasting a decade with minor upkeep through parts available at any pool supplier and as well as online from Natural Current. SunRay pumps are made in the USA, they are easy to install (can you say DIY?), and simple to maintain. The first in a series of solar-powered advances that includes heaters, lights, sanitation devices, cleaners, and AI/IoT systems. Our SunRay solar powered pool pumps take the stress out of pool ownership once and for all.


It's been a long time coming to change the Pool Industry utility grid AC power consumption of products like the AC powered pump motors, variable speed or not... especially when we're an industry that is outside in the backyard under the Sun... for heaven's sake!!


Natural Current is leading the charge for REAL Sustainable long-term powering future for the Pool Industry! Pool owners and consumers are demanding it; this I know!


For me, Michael Evingham - Natural Current - CEO ... I don't care if you eat red meat or leaves off a tree, believe in climate change, or not...  getting all swimming pools off of the utility grid should be mission number one for all of us in the Pool Industry! It is for us at Natural Current, and I hope it is for you as well! If not, we'll buckle up, cuz you're going to go for the ride anyways!


The DC power revolution is here.... please enjoy all the products that make it all possible from Natural Current.

Complete Off-the-Grid Swimming Pool Systems


DC Powered:
1. Pumps
2. Heaters
3. Sanitation
4. Lights
and much more.


Natural Current


Natural Current is a sustainable innovation company dedicated to improving the lives of homeowners with sustainable home and garden appliance solutions.



We start by harnessing the power of the sun to provide the world’s most energy-efficient and highly awarded sustainable off-grid Home and Garden Appliances in the World. Our Solar water pumps are no exception in the water pumping industry used by people everywhere. Aside from innovating our way to a healthier planet, we save homeowners thousands of dollars by eliminating the utility cost presented by their current pool, pond, and well pumps all while making the transition to Natural Current as seamless and sustainable as possible. We will constantly add other award-winning home and garden solutions for homeowners everywhere. Stay tuned for our groundbreaking water heaters and air conditioning and heating units by Natural Current.


We simply do it and get it done, if we must reinvent it, no problem! It's time to think...  Natural Current - Michael Evingham - CEO




Although our craft lies in the sustainable Home and Garden appliance industry, our heart lies in the planet and the people within it. We believe that you shouldn’t have to waste your hard-earned cash on something as arbitrary as the money drain of home appliances when they should be powered free from the Sun. By making the switch to our solar appliances you can reinvest the money you were losing back into your family, business, or community while making the world a better place through eco-friendly practices and mindset. Now, is always the perfect time to make a change for the better and the smarter ways of doing it.


Meet our CEO—Michael Evingham

As owner and operator of Natural Current with over 35 years of innovation industry experience and multiple awards for his own inventions, it’s safe to say that Michael knows what he’s doing and has a great time doing it! With a background in hard and soft product engineering, computer programming, and decades of owning a successful pool technical business, he saw a need for a more efficient and cost-effective way to process and sanitize water and got to work. He has poured his heart and soul into this company with a fierce dedication to innovation and a passion for more sustainable practices.


Natural Current – Take Your Pool and Pond Pump OFF THE GRID!  


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Natural Current
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